Lacona Addons are published and distributed using npm.

To publish a command first make sure that your package.json has the lacona-addon keyword. Lacona will not be able to find modules lacking this keyword.

Then, simply run

npm publish

If it succeeds, you should be able to see your package on the website.

Within a few minutes, your addons will be added to the full list at and will be available to all Lacona users.


Likewise, updating Lacona Addons also uses npm. If you have changed your addon, simply bump the version number in your package.json file or by using

npm version minor|major|patch

Then, republish. With a few minutes, you should see the updated version on and the update will be available to all Lacona users.


To modify the metadata that is displayed to users, see Metadata


Lacona Labs reserves the right to blacklist packages for any reason. We will get in touch if your package was blacklisted, and let you know why. If you believe that there was an error, please contact us at [email protected] to make things right.